Numbah Ten (2002)

by Numbah Ten

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Bass & additional voice: P.Juthe
Drums: A.Reutermo
Guitar & Voice: M.Johnsson

Recorded at Loke studio by Lollo

Coverart: Numbah Ten
Photos: J.Wehlin


released March 1, 2002



all rights reserved


Numbah Ten Sweden

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Track Name: Sleep

You don't dare to sleep at night,
you're lying in your bed you're terrified.
Shadows dancing on your wall
and in your head the demons crawls.

You're tired but your eyes wont close
will you fall in well nobody knows.

No sleep until your dead
no rest until you're six feet down.
You're cursed to stay awake
so sucker dig your fuckin' grave
and you will sleep.

You try to eat your sleeping pills
discusting taste making you ill.
Then you throw up all you ate
it seems like you're bound to stay awake.

Sleep insomnia head.
Track Name: I'm a god damned wreck
I'm a god damned wreck

I'm dancing with my restless shadow
and I'm drinking gasoline.
I'm bagged on liquor of terror
and snakebite remedy.
I'm a natural born rummy a lowlife alley rat.
Up to my neck with guilt and agony I let the rush attack.

Well I'm a god damned wreck, a god damned wreck.

My liver is annihilated my head is in a mess.
My soul has dissipated I am a living dead.
I'm an embold disaster drowned in alcohole.
Sozzled, toasted and blasted
my sense has gone on parole.

Sozzled, toasted and blasted
totally out of control.
I'm a drunken disaster
drowned in alcohole.

Well I'm a piece of shit.
Track Name: You

I'm still licking wounds since the day you left.
I'm an open sore and I can't heal myself.
I'm lost in space I'm a dog on astray.
Come relieve my pain before I bleed away.
Oh you.

I feel I'm uncomplete without you around.
You're the missing piece to you I'm truly bound.
I've been burning myself on red glowing hot coal,
spreaden by your hands to blacken my soul.
Oh you
Track Name: Shut down in a bubble
Shut down in a bubble

Time is melting your head and you're floating away
into the bubble you blown into your secret place.
It is your way to hide from your depressing past.
You feel so safe inside behind your zombie mask.
And nothings gonna break your silence.

They try to talk to you from the other side
but you don't listen at all.
You're inaccessible.
And nothings gonna break your silence.

You got a mental disease you're dysfunctional.
Inside your shut balloon you get invisible.
They try to help you out with psychological frauds.
But they don't realize you're in a wild blue yonder.
And nothings gonna break your silence.
Track Name: Reconstructed bones
Reconstructed bones

Since we got brainwashed by the pretty wave
we forgot to care about how to behave.
The inside of our minds doesn't matter no more.
It's the polished surface that counts this days for sure.

And no one gives damned how you feel as long as you're looking good.

Yeah reconstructed bones.

We're trading our skin and suck out all our fat.
We're breaking our bones to rebuild them back.
It is our way to please somebody else
that probably doesn't care about you anyway.

Knifes are going in your flesh and in your vains
welcome little princess of the magic throne.
Driven so far by the dream to get inside your tale
so welcome in my princess to the silicon hell.
Track Name: Unreachable flower
Unreachable flower

Among all the shiny flowers there was
one that stood out from the others.
Everything around became invisible,
couldn't see, her glint had structed me blinded.
There I was trembling like a leaf
from a tree planted in my dreams.
I tried to catch her but I failed
she was a lily out of reach.

Unreachable flower
just wanna pick you for the night.
Unreachable flower
you smell so good yeah you smell allright.

Paralyzed by her brightly colours
I knew that I just got to have her.
It was the greatest ever moment.
It was an overdose of power flower.