Numbah Ten​-​The end​.​.​.​of the beginning (2004)

by Numbah Ten

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Bass & additional voice: P.Juthe
Drums: A.Reutermo
Guitar&Voice: M.Johnsson

Recorded at Reclab and Numbahroom 2004

Coverart: P.Juthe


released February 11, 2004



all rights reserved


Numbah Ten Sweden

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Track Name: No way out
No way out

I don´t wan't you to find me in my fucked up mood.
That is why I'm smiling like a god damned fool.
I don't wan't you to see me inside my secret hell.
That is why I'm hiding behind a mental shell.

I don't wan't you to love me, I don't wan't you at all.
I just wan't you to leave me among my burning walls.
Aint no need to save me from this miseryland.
I´ll only be hiding where ever I am.

Round and round in circles
well my mind is upside down.
I'm tumbling in the darkness
lost and never found.
No there aint no way out of here.
There aint no way out of here.

Seems like hell is having christmas in my mind.
Merry little devils dancing round and round.
They are teasing me with annoying songs.
Daddy Lucifer loudly sings along.
Track Name: Utilize Utopia
Utilize Utopia

Burn your sorrows clean your dirty mind.
Wipe out the shadows light the sun.
Turn the ordinary upside down.
Fuck this planet leave the ground.
Flee from earth into your ideal world
and all your wishes will be heard.
Free the voices of your lost within.
Let the dreams conduct you in.

Utilize Utopia
Let us drift away.

Leave the spent tomorrow is here today.
It has come to take you away.
Reach the zenit of your fantasy.
Ride the awesome galaxy.
Take yourself up to a higher zoon.
Become one with the great unknown.
Make it happen well it is for real.
Quit to die begin to live.

It´s time to realize you gotta realize
that there's a light, tomorrow's here today.
Leave the black behind yeah leave it all behind.
Light up your eyes and let us drift away.
Track Name: Trip of madness
Trip of madness

Welcome in to the world of bliss a tremendous trip.
You will soon be floating free against gravity.
Close your eyes and begin to rise
through the endless sky.
Climb the mountain to its crown and embrace the sun.

Loose the grip and fall before you loose it all.
Let yourself be timeless in a trip of madness.

Welcome in to the world of sweets, planet sugary.
Where everything is built to dine, gratify your mind.
Do surfait on the ice-cream hills
filled with tastes of thrills.
Float the clouds made of candyfloss until your lost.

Welcome back to the trip again let us stay insane.
Only limit is your imagination, rehabilitation.
Captain beyond the reality gonna set you free.
He's the king of this fairy tale, the tale beyond the haze.
Track Name: Wicked black fever
Wicked black fever

Just like a stone I'm paralyzed
by the magic glance of the dragoneye.
I am bewitched to forever sin
my blackened mind is set to spin.

Give me something pure give me something evil.
I am bewitched with wicked black fever.
So give me pure evil.

I am the nail in your lazy eye
the forbidden thought in your righteous mind.
Well I am here to make you bad
with sins you thought you never had.
Track Name: Sea of leaves
Sea of leaves

Disconnect your mind and leave reality behind.
Free your dreams and fall into the mellow sea.
Then you will find what was lost within your deep
and the meaning of your life will then appear.

Reach for the endless.
Live unrestrainedly
Dive into the treasure.
Explore the adventures of the sea of leaves.

Live before you die before the time eats you alive.
Expose your mind frequently to set you free.
Spice up the air and inhale the misty sky.
Quench your thirst of desires in the sea.
Track Name: The end (speech)
The end (speech)

Once upon a time there was a world
a silly planet they called the earth.
It was ruled by peculiar human beings
just before the genocide.
Giant ants from outer space came from
seventeen seven lightyears away.
And they swallowed all the human brains
just to feel the taste of gain.
And the aliens made a morbid hunter
a stonewheeled jeep to chase some more brains.
But the nuclear gas got raped by fire
so the whole damned world blowed up in space.
That my friend is the end.