Numbah Ten - Thou - (2003)

by Numbah Ten

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Bass & additional voice: P.Juthe
Drums: A.Reutermo
Guitar&Voice: M.Johnsson

Recorded at Studio Mourth and
Studio Shi-Sha by J.Thor 2003.

Coverart: A.Reutermo


released April 15, 2003



all rights reserved


Numbah Ten Sweden

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Track Name: Flipsided world
Flipsided world

Giant brains of tomorrow
marching through here today.
Scientific electric brainwaves in my way.
Robotic evil mirrors reflecting at my mind.
Starring eyes from the future gaze me blind.

So wake me stupid slumber
this nightmare drives me under.
Please help me regulate me.
Yeah lead me out from this flipsided world.

All the symbols I've created
got to scared to dare to stay.
And the remnants of their being fade away.
So I turn my head around yeah
to see what I've become.
The future is behind me it won't come.

Turn me around, turn me upside down.
Turn around to the otherside.
You gotta lead me out, lead me out of here.
Lead me out from this psychic fear.
You gotta turn me around and lead me out
from this flipsided world.

It's a flipsided world.
Track Name: Cyberdrunk

You are my poison, you are my drug.
My true addiction who keeps me alive.
You make my sun rise you make the stars shine
in amazing brightness all along the night.
You give me freedom you give me peace
to loosing up the daily leach.
Oh I love your sweetness I love your taste
it makes me happy in cyberspace.

You are my soulmate you are the one
who makes me flying across the sky.
You are my fire you are the spark
who brings me colours when it's dark.
You give me courage you give me force
to take the next step into the unknown.
Oh I love your sweetness I love your taste
it makes me happy in cyberspace.

Uncommon dreams colliding
as we're cruising through the sky.
We connect the unknown without
knowing the reason why.
Behind the screen we're flying
like immortal superheroes.
Inside the unreal we are lost to eternity.

We're cyberdrunk.
Track Name: Adrenalized

I am a motor a wild machine so high on gasoline.
I race the future on darkened streets
I guess I'm built for speed.
I am a drug a superpill an overdose of thrills.
I clip your heart I rush your blood
I'm twisting up this world.

I'm adrenalized and I'm trigged inside.

I am a shark with grinded teeth
the fastest in the sea.
No one is slipping I am to fast I hunt until I catch.
I conquer heaven I conquer hell I even beat myself.
I'm never last I'm always first I own this universe.
Track Name: Further Than Beyond
Further than beyond

Seek the colours in your head.
Paint your grey life, amuse yourself.
Drop the fences and realize that
there's a rainbow before your eyes.

Unchain your thoughts and set your mind free.
Legalize the world of fantasies.
Relieve yourself into the haze and fly, fly away
into the cosmos further than beyond.

It's amazing how good it feels
to float into the deepest dreams.
Let the sweetness catch your breath
and the clouds will decide the way.

So come and fly into the cosmos further than beyond.
Track Name: Slippin' away
Slippin' away

You never realized how much
I regreted what I have done.
I tried to apologize for so many
times babe but you didn't hear.

I guess I failed now we're slippin' away.
and know it's to late yeah we're slippin away.

We had a lot of fun we were stucked together.
We were almost one.
They didn't understand how to understand us
about the thing we had.

I guees we failed now we're slippin' away.
and know it's to late yeah we're slippin away.
We will be back for another day to find the
reason why we're slippin' away.
We're slippin' away.

You never realized how much I tried to apologize.
We were almost one but we didn't grip it.
Now we're loosing ground.