by Numbah Ten

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Bass: N.Bränsström
Drums: O.Bäckman
Guitar&Voice: M.Johnsson

Recorded in Numbahroom
and at Venus 2009
by Numbah Ten

Coverart: M.Johnsson

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released February 11, 2010



all rights reserved


Numbah Ten Sweden

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Track Name: Voice inside
Voice inside

Load the filter in your head
sort out what you've heard.
There's no need to understand
every fuckin' word.
Turn it off disconnect, turn it on again.
Feel yourself reconnect, fill up and load your brain.

So hear the voice inside as it screams for you,
shaping perfect lips telling what to do.
Give your wish a ride within you burn,
leaving clouds of breath imforming you to learn.

So hear it when it speaks or you'll make it louder.
Screaming in your sleep you can't deny it.
You know you have to follow the flood, the tide.
Faster comes tomorrow so learn and memorize.

Be the wizard of your life
turn the world around.
Command the spell to bend the time
you master of the sun.
Track Name: Beyond the end
Beyond the end

You thought it was the last one that you took before
but it's here again knocking at your door.
Your eyes says no, no but your mind
says give me some more.
When it goes around
no one can ignore.
No one can ignore.

You don't hear what we hear
it's all made up in your head.
You don't see what we see
because your eyes no longer exist.
You don't breathe what we breathe,
your air is thick while ours is sweet.
You don't think what we think
since you got lost beyond the end.
Track Name: Another day (chapter 2)
Another day (chapter 2)

We're gonna be allright, we're gonna be ok.
We're gonna be allright if we just keep away.
We're gonna be allright, we're gonna be ok.
We're gonna be allright that is what they say.
They who think theire thoughts gonna rule the world
imagining they own this planet earth.
They who thinks that we don't care at all
don't know we know we own this universe.

We're gonna be allright, we're gonna be ok.
We're gonna be allright another day.
Track Name: Come to the light
Come to the light

Fix your eyes at the burning horizon
as the sky collides.
The commander of paralyzing
glowing for your mind.

Light up your life and let the journeys begin.
Don't fight the rays let 'em pull you in.
Yeah come now come to the light.

Hypnotized by tremendous colours
on your makers display.
Makes you float on that visualized
cloud you can't navigate.

It's a silent moment and the time stands still.
You're slowly drifting through the gates to eternal bliss.
x-rayed by the centreblaze is your melted mind.
Blurry memories floats around, planet earth is far behind.

Behind the gates on heavens inferno
you'll find your paradize.
The mighty sky glowing for tomorrow
to gild your former life.
Track Name: Mirrors of time
Mirrors of time

Sunsets in love temptated atmospheres oceans melt the time.
You´re reborn eternal spiral shows seasons are slowing down.
Red rivers flow around your memories visions increase for you.
Silence surrounds reflecting evermore echoes are calling you.

Rivers in red uprising melodies music rinse your mind.
You are the one reborn where last is first, seasons extend the spine.
Solutions in reach euphoric corners meet, visions feel so true.
Emotions unleached expending universe freedom releasing you.

You are rising from the underground orbits of silence surround.
Calling the unknown, something rolls around in vortex of mirrors of time.

Seasons invert inventing atmospheres, motions are slowing down.
You are reraised in oceans high above visions are leaving ground.
Mirrors of you reflecting memories echoes forms for you.
Illusions in blur uprising universe forever is calling you.
Track Name: Power Flower
Power Flower

Sometimes it isn't easy to know how to understand,
how to pick the magic flower and give it into someones hand.
Yeah you see it's all about to give all we can
to whom we know understands.

Yeah it's all about peace, love and understanding.
To set all minds free and make 'em melt together
under the sun of flower power.

Even equal minds think different well some love to hate war.
And some fight to get sweet peace while others just ignore.
But we all wan't sunny days, sunny days, sunny days oh sunny days.

Tell me why don't we build bridges and break up all the walls?
Tell me why don't we make difference and make love instead of war?
Isn't it time we all learn ourselves the lesson
and slow down before we fall?

Hour after hour under the sun of power flower.
Track Name: A kindred spirit
A kindred spirit

Before I met you friend I was for sure someone else.
I guess you taught me how to live.
You're now the mirror of a hidden inside universe.
You reflect the truth of what I am.
And all the things you do when you make love with my mind.
You take me somewhere else everytime.
I smile along with you as you're showing me around.
Around and around and round again in my mind.
My kindred spirit my kindred soul.
Track Name: The Spacemachine
The Spacemachine

I gotta find a way, a way to keep it feel,
keep it feel for everything you see.
You see without the fuel, the fuel on planet two,
planet two would seace to even be.
Yeah even be the start, the start of robotwars,
robotwars that threaten space and time.
Space and time exist, exist for only one,
for only one machine and now it's mine.
My spacemachine.

If this project fails, it fails for everyone,
for everyone is now involved.
It started out with one, with one and nothing more,
nothing more from something has eveolved.
Has evolved to far, to far to keep control,
keep control of what it makes.
It makes what it want's, it want's to feed again,
feed again before it breaks.
My spacemachine.

Growing up a galaxy only to pick it clean.
Robots working endlessly yeah I'm loading up my spacemachine.
Tucked behind the milky way 100 light years away.
Taking in amounts obscene yeah I'm loading up my spacemachine.

Shoot me up one more time away from here.
Shoot me up to sublime endlessly.
Dimensions aren't what they seem to be
so shoot me up one more time and set me free.